Willow Creek Alpacas



From Alpaca to yarn:

There are so many people interested in raising alpacas and ultimately have no idea of the process in taking all that gorgeous fleece from the alpaca to a valuable commodity.

Listed below are the steps with pictures.

1) On shearing day, all animals are confined in their stalls awaiting their turn to get sheared.


2) Each animal usually takes 15 to 20 minutes. Our shearer uses a table, but there are quite a few professional shearers that shear the animals on a mat on the floor.


3) During shearing is a great time to trim toenails and give whatever shots your animals need.


4) You strap the animal's front and back legs. This is done to keep the alpaca very still and helps to calm them. One side is sheared completely before the animal is turned over and the other side is sheared.


5) When the process is completed, you have a very happy animal and they are then ready for those hot summer months ahead.


6) The fleece is then laid out on a mesh screen where it is easily accessable for cleaning out hay and other matter.