Willow Creek Alpacas

Our Herd - Females


Ebony Moon

DOB: Nov.15, 2011.

This beautiful little girl is one of our Pride and Joys. Her sire is Maxamillian and her dam is Moonbeam. She has the very best qualities from them both. Her markings are just gorgeous. Saying she has extremely dense, crimpy fleece only tells half the story. The fineness of this girl will amaze you. She has such a precious, shy personality and when you meet her, you just want to give her a hug.

Ivory Moon

DOB: Nov. 11, 2011

What a beautiful surprise this girl was. Her sire is a Silver Grey (Maxamillian) and her dam is Black (Lunar Eclipse). She is totally white! Her fleece is extremely dense and the incredibly fine. Her personality is just as sweet as her face. She is one of those alpacas that just gets prettier the older she gets.


Merlot Wine

Dark Brown
DOB: 10/21/2007.

Wait till you see this exceptional little girl. She is from Rancho's Rosetta and the exquisite,multi ribbon winner, My Peruvian Ferrari. She has excellent confirmation, a striking face, wonderfully fine,crimpy, dense fleece with great staple length all the way to her feet. she is such a sweetheart. You will fall in love at first sight when you see this little girl.


Black with white front feet and a cresant moon on her forehead.
DOB: 10/15/08

This beautiful little girl looks just like her mom Lunar Eclipse. Her sire is our very own Alberto and she inherited his extremely dense fleece all the way down her legs. She carries the best qualities from both her sire and her dam. She is a sweetheart.


Rancho's Rosetta

Solid White
DOB: 9/24/2002

This girl always surprises us with her crias. She has a very strong history of throwing the most unbelieveable babies that carry their sire's genes throughout. She has extremely soft fine fleece and is one of the best moms we own. She would be wonderful for someone just starting out raising alpacas.

Lunar Eclipse

Black with white front stockings and small white patches on forehead and chest.
DOB: 11/26/2004

Her sire is Shannon's Black Spook. He has won quite a few Blue Ribbons in shows throughout the Midwest. This sweetheart has the most laid back disposition and is a wonderful mom. She has soft,dense crimpy black fleece with wonderful staple length all the way down her legs. Her confirmation is strong and her ears look like they have tassles. This seems to be a trait she hands down to her crias.



Dark Brown (Mahogany)
DOB: 5/1/2004
Her sire is the multi-ribbon-winner Tambo

This girl has the most beautiful color of fleece. It is so soft and fine. She has great confirmation, a good disposition and a wonderful mom. She produces fantastic yarn.


Brown/Dark Brown/White Multi
DOB: 11/21 /09

This precious little girl has inherited her sire's much desired Hemingway qualities: dense crimpy fleece with super fineness - all the way down the legs. She wins the heart of everyone that meets her. She has beautiful markings and great confirmation. Her disposition is just unbelievable. She is the PR Director for all the alpacas. She is the first one to come greet you at the farm and will usually give you a kiss.